South Carolina CWP Licensing

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Our Classroom & Range Training are both offered in small groups in private club setting

Classroom Instruction by NRA Certified Instructors

Course satisfies all requirements for South Carolina licensing
Course satisfies Arizona requirements once SC permit is issued

Firearms Test at Private Outdoor Range
Fingerprinting to submit with Application
Completion of Application for South Carolina
Completion of Application for Arizona permit to cover 36 states listed
Class Instruction: Bluffton
Firearms Instruction: Ridgeland

Statutory and case law regarding deadly force
SC Laws governing firearms and concealed weapons permits
Proper firearms storage practices that deny access to children
Prohibited carry locations
Liability and responsibility issues relating to firearms
Proper interaction with Law Enforcement Officers
Four cardinal firearm safety rules
Handgun safety, manipulation and operation
Basic handgun marksmanship
Proper concealment techniques and drawing from concealment
Qualification on range with Instructor
Application Completion

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Private Firearms Training

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CWP holders looking for a level of training that surpasses what you receive from local gun shop
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We offer private training at a great value
Our Classroom instruction is held in safe and private club setting
Firearms Training at Private Gun Range
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