When you attend our Private Firearms Training courses, you will discover many secrets to give you confidence, accuracy and proper shooting techniques to practice at home and on the range

Skills Training Includes:
Safety Rules
Proper Loading & Unloading Firearms & Magazines
Firearm Grip, Stance, At the Ready, After-Action Drills
Sight Alignment, Sight Picture and Trigger Control
Reloading | Tactical Reload & Emergency Reload
Malfunction Clearing including Failure to Fire, Failure to Eject & Feedway Stoppage
Presentations from the Holster (Open and Concealed Carry)

We tailor training based on your needs.
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Training Available for All Skill Levels including
Private “Small Group” Training (2-4) Click Here
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Learn techniques to improve your firearms training
Emergency & Tactical Reloading
Proper Holstering
Clearing Malfunctions
Cleaning & caring for your firearms

GunAvenue offers exclusive, private, one-on-one training in handgun safety and shooting.

We review your goals with you during your private training and will make certain that you attain them.

CWP101 provides safe environment and all you need on the range

Firearm and Magazines
Protective Eyewear
Electronic Hearing Protection
All Range Supplies (Targets, etc.)