Don’t Hide Guns in House

It’s an old story but a great cautionary tale: In 1998, the police chief in the City of Madison, Wisconsin hid his duty weapon inside his oven. He said he was hiding it from potential burglars. He forgot it was in there, turned on the oven and caused a negligent discharge. He served a one-day suspension for his actions.

This story alone should make it very clear that hiding guns around your house is a bad idea. I have met people who have guns in their refrigerators, in drawers, atop shelves and in various other places around the house “just in case.”

Think about this for a minute: If you need to fight off an intruder, would you not rather have a gun right on your hip? If you have a gun or guns “pre-staged” at locations around your home, that means when the fight starts, you have to fight your way to the gun! Not only that, unauthorized users WILL find “hidden” guns. Kids are especially good at finding hidden items when parents or grandparents are not around.

If a gun is not under your direct control (basically in your holster or in your hand) it should be locked up in a secure location. If you need to respond instantly to a deadly threat, you had better have a gun on your person. If you don’t, there will be a delay in your response.

Remember This…

If you are always ready, you never have to get ready. A firearm should be ready for immediate use. A holstered firearm is the best way to ensure you are ready. If you are more than three seconds away from your gun, fix that. Right now.

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