Do You Need Private Lessons?

Private Handgun Training will drastically increase your personal skills with the individualized attention available in our  Private classes. This is the absolute best way to learn safe gun handling; for beginner, intermediate or advanced shooters. Private Gun Training offers immediate improvement of basic and advanced skill sets, in a confidential and secure setting. One-on-one attention to your personal gun handling skills creates a positive and comfortable learning environment conducive to rapid improvement in a compressed time frame. Four to six hours of Private Training will cover the same material as a typical two-day Group Class, without the added distraction of additional students.  Private Range instruction will cover the safe use of a defensive handgun including Firearm Safety, Gun Handling, and the basic fundamentals of Defensive Handgun shooting. We also cover emergency reloads, malfunction clearing, engaging multiple targets, and all fundamentals of pistol shooting.

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Left Target: Before Training Qualification for CWP
Right Target: 2 days later After Training with

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