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The best way to develop proficiency in handling your pistol is to TRAIN! Because shooting is a perishable skill, your training and practice should never stop in order to remain competent.

If you are looking for safety and proper gun handling, shooting tools, and practice techniques, our private hourly firearms training sessions are a great place to start! As you continue in our training, you will learn how to shoot better and will develop better skill sets than the vast majority of people who carry a gun for a living.

After training and learning practice techniques, you develop a “comfort of skills at arms.” This change in your level of awareness, mental preparedness, and armed skills creates a confidence that is not cocky, but rather quietly self-assured — and that confidence translates into every aspect of your life. You take away skills that you can practice for a lifetime!

The people you come in contact with, both good and bad, can sense it. The good people want more to do with you and the bad people want nothing to do with you.

Mental Awareness and Combat Mindset will be developed, you will be less likely to ever need to employ a bodyguard! Your new skills will teach you everything you need to safely and confidently carry.

Hourly Sessions are a great way to get comfortable with your firearm and ready for your Concealed Carry Shooting Test

Learn the RIGHT way the FIRST time!

Practice diligently. Practice often. And by all means – PRACTICE CORRECTLY!

Hourly sessions include both in home and range time. Because hourly training is only in small groups, you receive personalized attention. You will receive practice guides to safely dry practice in your own space developed specifically for your needs and level of training.

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1 Hour, 1 1/2 Hours, 2 Hours, 3 Hours, 4 Hours


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