Reciprocity Laws: What to Know

Are you violating your state Laws?  There’s more to reciprocity than glancing at a  list and believing you are covered.

Each state governs its own Reciprocity Laws and each state varies.

South Carolina issues CWP to Residents, Qualified Non-Residents, Military on station orders and Resident Aliens.

South Carolina’s list of reciprocal states recognizes permits from those states ONLY when the CWP holder is a Resident in that state. is nationally accredited and certified. After completing our class, you can receive certification to apply and get licensed in additional states not recognized with your SC License. We cover this during class so you will have a clear understanding.

If you are a resident in a state that does not reciprocate with South Carolina, at this time you cannot get licensed to carry in South Carolina since SC does not issue non-resident permits (exception qualified non-resident who owns real property).

KNOW the LAWS! It’s your responsibility.  When you cross state line, laws for that state apply.

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